Best Way to Sell Perpetual Income 365 [Affiliate Review]

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Making an affiliate commission is still one of the most exciting events for me even though I do affiliate marketing full-time.

Hi! My name is Eartha and I am a full-time affiliate marketer. One of the most popular niches for affiliates is the MMO (make-mone-online) niche.

There are dozens upon dozens of products that you can promote in this niche. In this post, I’m going to go over one called Perpetual Income 365.

I’ll explain what this product is, how the affiliate program works, and one of the best ways you can begin promoting this product and making money.

Product Website:
Product Creator:Shawn Josiah
Average Commission:$370.78
Affiliate Network:Clickbank

Why this online business works so well for beginners

What is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is a done-for-you system and software created by Shawn Josiah that creates a monthly recurring income from scratch. The software generates websites and creates “high-quality” content with a single click.

According to the website, the websites and content generated by the software follows the MCCA formula which stands for Micro-Committment (MC) and Compounding Algorithm (CA).

This type of make-money-online software is highly attractive to beginner affiliate marketers who are desperate to earn their first commission online.

The way the system works is as follows:

  • Step 1 – log in and integrate your affiliate platforms into the system.
  • Step 2 – select a done-for-you money page that lets you collect user emails.
  • Step 3 – launch your money site and the system auto-generate a 31-day email sequence.

In essence, this system sets up an affiliate sales funnel and email list without any of the technical know-how needed.

Who is Shawn Josiah?

I had never heard of Shawn Josiah until coming across his product. After doing a bit of research, I’ve learned more about him.

Shawn is a successful 6-figure earner within the affiliate marketing space. He has been the number one affiliate for Les Browns’ affiliate program and ranked 2nd in one of Anik Singal’s sales contest.

He is also the founder of other online training programs called Email Profit Academy and Elite Email Marketing Training Academy. Shawn has trained students from all over the world.

His training academy has a track record of 100% success rate on graduates making their first dollar online after putting knowledge into action.

Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam?

I’ll be honest. I am almost always wary of most of the make-money-online products sold on Clickbank. Many of them are not the best quality.

I do not consider Perpetual Income 365 to be a scam product. However, I do not consider it the best way to launch an online business.

I’m all for systems and training that make it easy for beginners to enter the world of affiliate marketing.

Yet, I also understand how systems such as these can also hinder beginners from truly learning and understanding how to actually make a steady income online.

In other words, it takes hard work and consistent effort. In most cases, these DFY (done-for-you) systems hinder beginners from understanding how it all works.

It’s important to understand what the basics of affiliate marketing are. These include things like:

  • Landing pages
  • Lead magnets
  • Email lists
  • Autoresponders
  • Email squences
  • Traffic generation

Although Perpetual Income 365 offers substantial benefit for beginners, there was no mention on the sales page about how to generate traffic.

Without traffic, there are no sales. Hopefully, there is some training that covers traffic generation.

How the Perpetual Income 365 Affiliate Program Works

As far as earning commissions with this product, you’ll be glad to know that the commission rate is 50% and the average commission is $370.

The Perpetual Income 365 affiliate program is managed by Clickbank. You’ll need to create an account on Clickbank if you haven’t already.

Once you do, it is easy to find your affiliate link by doing a search for Perpetual Income 365 within the Clickbank Marketplace.

Clickbank will handle the tracking of all your affiliate sales and any refunds as well. You can set your preference of when commissions are paid out (either once per week or bi-weekly.)

There are several upsells within the sales funnel. They are as follows:

  • $9 two-week trial ($47 per month after)
  • $9.90 order bump
  • $297 lifetime membership
  • $197 upsell
  • $297 upsell
  • $127 upsell
  • $97 upsell

You have the potential to make up to $540 per sale.

One of the Best Ways to Promote Perpetual Income 365

Although there are a number of ways to promote affiliate products, one of the best ways is to create your own affiliate sales funnel.

Similar to what Perpetual Income 365 is offering in its system, creating your own sales funnel offers many more benefits.

For one, you’ll learn how to set it up and you can create as many sales funnels as you want in the future.

A basic funnel consists of two pages as shown below:

sales funnel flow chart

The first page is your landing page or opt-in page. This is the page where you offer your visitors a free offer such as a free ebook, video, email course, etc.

This page will also have a sign up form on it to collect visitor’s email addresses. This is key as one of the main purposes of a sales funnel is to build an email list.

After someone has submitted their contact info, they are then directed to the second page of your funnel which is your bridge page or “thank you” page.

On this page, you have the opportunity to warm visitors up about the affiliate product that you’re promoting.

You can talk about the features and benefits of the product. If you have used the product yourself (which is helpful), you can share your own experience.

The bridge page will also have a call-to-action that is your affiliate link. A call-to-action can be text or a button that says “Click here to learn more” or whatever you want.

It needs to let your visitor’s know that they can access the product by clicking the link.

Learning how to set up a basic two-page funnel is not as difficult as you may think. Like many beginners, I had to learn how to do this as well.

I recommend following the same online training program I followed. Taking action with what I learned in that training helped me to set up my own successful sales funnel.

Summing Up

Perpetual Income 365 seems to be a legit product for beginner affiliate marketers. You definitely want that if you’re going to promote it.

The less refunds the better. Plus, this product can generate a lucrative income for you when promoting it to the right target audience.

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Hi! My name is Eartha and I'm the author of this blog. I earn a steady income online promoting affiliate products. One of the ways I do this is by using a high-ticket sales funnel. Follow the same training I used to learn how to earn income using sales funnels. Click here to get started today!