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Social media is a niche in which you can make a steady income online. It is no wonder that the product on Clickbank has a gravity of over 200!

It is selling extremely well and for good reason. There are many people out there that want to work from home and how better to do it than to do something you’re probably doing on a daily basis which is social media?

Affiliate marketers have an excellent opportunity to make affiliate commissions in the social media niche.

Hi! My name is Eartha and I am a full-time affiliate marketer. One of my favorite things to do is find affiliate products that you can promote and earn income with.

In this post, I am going to share what I have found about Paying Social Media Jobs and its affiliate program. Keep reading until the end because I’ll also explain how you can start making your first commissions online!

Why this is the #1 online business model for affiliate marketers

What is is a service that lets users find actual jobs that pay people to complete various tasks on social media platforms.

This service is attractive to a wide variety of people. For example, stay-at-home moms and dads. People that want to earn extra income from home. Or individuals that cannot work outside of the home for whatever reason.

Since these types of jobs are difficult to find online, PayingSocialMediaJobs can be helpful as it shares these job openings in one place.

How Much is

The initial price is $27. However, there are several upsells to be aware of. For example, there are two types of express passes offered – one at $97 and one at $67 for 12-month access.

There are also other products offered such as writing jobs and app reviews. These products aren’t necessary but may be of interest if you want to expand your social media job search.

Is Paying Social Media Jobs a Scam?

I don’t think this service is a scam. They have been selling on the Clickbank network since 2012 and remain one of the top-selling products within the Employment and Jobs category.

Is this service necessary for finding a social media job? Not at all. If someone wants to do their own research and track down these types of jobs, they absolutely can.

Yet, most people do not have the time nor are interested in doing this type of research. This is a plus for you if you want to promote this service as an affiliate.

How the Affiliate Program Works

The Paying Social Media Jobs affiliate program is located on the Clickbank affiliate network. Since it is managed by Clickbank there is a 60-day cookie length as well as a 60-day refund policy.

One plus about Clickbank is that you can choose how often you want your commissions to be paid out. You can choose weekly or bi-weekly payouts. They also pay via direct deposit or check which is nice.

This affiliate program offers 75% commissions and the average commission is $35. It is considered a low-ticket product but there is potential to earn $100 per sale with the various upsells offered.

Here is a breakdown of the upsells included in the sales funnel:

  • $97 – Express Pass
  • $67 – 12-month Express Pass
  • $57 – Upgrade writing jobs and app reviews
  • $37 – Upgrade writing jobs
  • $37 – Upgrade app reviews
  • $37 – Social media arbitrage

The affiliate program page also has a ton of assets that you can use in your marketing campaigns. They offer:

  • Links to different landing pages
  • Email swipes
  • Banners
  • Pixel tracking
  • Rebrandable report
  • Product images
  • PPC ads
  • Videos
  • Short ads
  • Demographics

They recommend targeting females ages 35 years and up.

The Best Way to Promote

I know that some affiliate marketers are only interested in high-ticket affiliate programs. Meaning, affiliate programs that offer commissions of $500 and up.

Don’t sleep on low-ticket commissions. This product has an average commission of $35 and those sales can add up in the span of a month if you are sending steady traffic to your affiliate website or landing page.

If this wasn’t the case, this product wouldn’t be selling so well on Clickbank since 2012.

Now, you’re probably wondering what is one of the best ways to promote this product? My strategy is to put a system into place that automates the selling and converting for you.

How an Affiliate Sales Funnel Works

This system is an affiliate sales funnel. An affiliate sales funnel is a type of website designed to capture your visitor’s contact details such as a first name and email address.

sales funnel flow chart

The image above demonstrates a basic two-page sales funnel. The first two pages are part of your website. The third page is the affiliate product sales page.

Page one is what’s called your opt-in page or squeeze page. This page contains a sign-up form. On this page, you’ll want to offer a free incentive such as an ebook, video, etc., related to the product you’re promoting.

Whenever a visitor fills out your form, they will be added to your email database so that you have permission to send them emails.

The second page of your funnel is called the bridge page or “thank you” page. This is the page where you’ll do some selling by providing a review of the product that you’re promoting.

In this case, you could provide your personal review about Paying Social Media Jobs. On this page, you’ll also have your affiliate links to the product.

Anytime someone buys the product using your affiliate link, you’ll make a commission.

The great thing about a sales funnel is that you can promote low-ticket affiliate products as well as high-ticket affiliate products.

Since they automate the selling process, they are also excellent for generating passive income.

Why Your Email Database is Important

Remember when I mentioned earlier that people who sign up on your opt-in page (squeeze page) are added to an email database?

This is important because not everyone who goes through your sales funnel will buy the product you are promoting.

However, since they are part of your email database, you have permission to send them future email messages.

You can provide helpful information as well as market more affiliate products. This is why you’ll often come across the phrase, “the money is in the list.”

Launching Your Own Sales Funnel

There are many software options out there to launch your own sales funnel. Clickfunnels is one of the top software used by internet entrepreneurs.

Even if you find software that you like, you’ll still need to understand how to put the pages together, how to write copy, how to incorporate your affiliate links, and much more.

Rather than spend time trying to learn all of it on my own, I invested in an online training program found here.

Following the training and taking action on what I learned helped me to create my own sales funnel and make high-ticket affiliate commissions.

Summing Up is a hot product on the Clickbank network. It addresses a popular niche which is finding jobs related to social media.

Target the recommended audience (females ages 35 and up) and you could make some great conversions.

One of the best online business models is to use a sales funnel. It is ideal for automating the selling and converting of affiliate products.

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Hi! My name is Eartha and I'm the author of this blog. I earn a steady income online promoting affiliate products. One of the ways I do this is by using a high-ticket sales funnel. Follow the same training I used to learn how to earn income using sales funnels. Click here to get started today!