6 Top Clickbank Herbal Supplements

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Earning a steady income online with affiliate marketing begins with finding a good affiliate offer. Some lucrative offers can be found on Clickbank in the form of herbal supplements.

The top Clickbank herbal supplements address health concerns such as blood sugar, weight loss, fat burning, metabolism, dental health, and more. What’s even better is that most of these products offer between 75% and 80% commissions.

I will cover some of the top-selling herbal supplements on the network below as well as share one of the best online business models to use to promote them.

Why this is the #1 business model for hight-ticket commissions

Top Clickbank Herbal Supplement Affiliate Products

If you log into your Clickbank account, click on “Marketplace” and then click on the “Health & Fitness” category, you will be presented with the top selling products in that category.

As of writing this blog post, the top selling products are herbal supplements that cover a range of health concerns. Most of these products have an average commission of around $140.

Java Burn

The creators of Java Burn designed this product to help boost metabolism, burn fat, increase energy, and reduce hunger. Users can mix this supplement into their coffee.

As for affiliate commissions, it offers a 75% commission rate and has an average commission of $117.

Each pouch costs $49 and decreases in price when more pouches are purchased at once. The niche audience for this product would be individuals seeking to shed excess weight by burning more fat.

Dentitox Pro

If you want a product in the dental niche, Dentitox Pro is one to consider. It is an herbal supplement that supports the body’s detox system and promotes healthy teeth and gums.

The affiliate offer is a 65% commission rate with an average commission of $104. You could promote this product to anyone seeking alternative health solutions and those who are particular concerned with their teeth and gums.


This product is designed to help support blood sugar levels. It also helps to improve blood circulation as well as increasing energy levels.

You have a wide variety of people that you can promote this to. Some ideas include seniors, men and women between 30 and 50 years of age, athletes, and more.

One bottle of Glucofort costs $69. It has an average commission of $145.

Tea Burn

Although coffee is a more popular beverage, there are many tea drinkers out there. Tea Burn is an herbal supplement designed to mix with tea.

This product helps boost metabolism, boost energy, and reduce hunger. It is tasteless and dissolves instantly. The price for one pouch is $69.

The affiliate commission for this product is 75% and has an average commission of $123. A good niche audience for this product would include anyone seeking to burn fat and lose weight.


This herbal supplement is designed to combat the most common issue of an enlarged prostate which is inflammation.

ProstaStream is made up of all-natural ingredients, is vegetarian, and non-GMO. The affiliate program offers an average commission of $123.

One bottle of ProstaStream is $69. Your niche audience will be specific to men only who are having issues with urinating frequently.

Lanta Flat Belly Shake

Similar to the other fat burning products listed above, Lanta Flat Belly Shake can be mixed with any beverage of choice. It helps to boost metabolism, increase fat burn, and energy levels.

The affiliate program has a 75% commission and an average commission of $148. Your target audience can include both men and women who are seeking to shed excess weight.

How to Promote These Herbal Supplements

You can choose various ways to promote an affiliate product. However, for products like these, one of the best ways is to create a sales funnel.

If you are not familiar with what a sales funnel is, it is simply a website that directs your visitors to the product that you are promoting.

It isn’t difficult to set up and it is a great option if you prefer not to create a content-heavy niche blog.

Sales funnels are excellent for promoting any affiliate product, especially those that offer higher commissions.

Choosing a Niche

The first step to any sales funnel after choosing your affiliate offer is to choose your niche audience.

If you consider any of the products listed above, you can figure out who your target audience would be by the health issue the product helps to resolve.

Let’s say for example that you want to promote Java Burn. That is a great product as it relates to coffee and fat burning.

There are millions of coffee drinkers who would like nothing more than to boost their metabolism when drinking their morning cup of coffee.

Therefore, your niche audience can be coffee drinkers that want to also shed excess pounds and can do so easily using Java Burn in their coffee.

You can do the same for any affiliate product that you want to promote. Figure out who the product is designed to help.

Launching Your Sales Funnel

After you have narrowed down your niche audience, then you can begin putting the pieces of your sales funnel together.

To keep it simple, you should start off with the basic two-page sales funnel. This funnel consists of your squeeze page and thank-you page as pictured below:

two-page sales funnel

Your squeeze page is your main landing page. This is the page in which you offer a free incentive such as an ebook, video, etc., in exchange for a visitor’s email address.

After someone signs up on your squeeze page they are added to your email list and they are redirected to your thank-you page.

On your thank-you page, you can have a video describing the benefits and features of the affiliate product you’re promoting.

You will also have a call-to-action button or link with your affiliate link. Some of the visitors that go through your funnel will buy the product from your thank-you page.

Those that do not will still be on your email list and you can continue marketing to them via email.

Launching your sales funnel is challenging for beginners.

I use sales funnels in my own online business. However, I was not aware of how to create one for high-ticket affiliate products. I searched for an online training program to teach me and found this one.

Following that training and applying what I learned helped me to create my own high-ticket funnel. Below are some of the things that are involved with setting up your own sales funnel.

Getting Free Targeted Traffic

No sales funnel is useful without traffic. If you have no visitors, your sales funnel cannot make any money.

I prefer to use free traffic strategies to generate traffic. My two favorite include YouTube and TikTok.

If you are shy to be on video, don’t worry. You can create faceless videos and still link back to your sales funnel in your video descriptions and bio.

However, if you are comfortable with being on camera, you can greatly boost the amount of visitors that you receive.

You can also create a blog and write content for free traffic. Link back to your sales funnel in all of your blog posts.

Blogging takes a bit more time but it is well worth it for the free traffic in the long run.

No matter what free traffic strategy that you use, you’ll need to create content on a regular basis. I would recommend at least 2 to 3 times per week.

Summing Up

There is some great earning potential in the health and fitness niche. The herbal supplements listed above are a great starting point.

One of the best ways to promote these types of products is to use a sales funnel. A sales funnel can automate the entire selling and converting process for you.

Once you have a sales funnel in place, your only job is to send traffic to it.

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