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The make money online niche is evergreen and there are some great courses online that teach how to make money with affiliate products. The Fast Tracks is one of those training programs.

The Fast Tracks is an online training course by online entrepreneur Merlin Holmes. It teaches how to use quiz-based sales funnels to sell affiliate products by building massive email lists. It is sold through the Clickbank network.

Read on to learn more about this affiliate product, the affiliate program, and one of the best ways to make commissions promoting it.

Product Website:
Product Creator:Merlin Holmes
Average Commission:$154.79

Why this is the #1 online business model for affiliate marketers

What is The Fast Tracks?

The Fast Tracks training program was created by internet entrepreneur, Merlin Holmes. Merlin has over $150,000,000 in online sales and over 14 years of experience.

He teaches how to build massive email lists to sell affiliate products by using simple poll pages. These pages are essentially a sales funnel.

You learn how to send traffic to your funnel by using low-cost traffic sources. In the webinar introduction, Merlin chooses health & fitness products sold on Clickbank.

These types of products tend to do very well with quiz-based landing pages. Students learn step-by-step how to build their polls using Merlin’s proven templates.

How Much is The Fast Tracks?

The last price I’ve come across for the product is $997. Since it is sold through Clickbank, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This would be considered a high-ticket product and at 50% commissions, you have the potential to earn quite a bit.

It is one of the more popular make-money-online products within the Clickbank network.

How The Fast Tracks Affiliate Program Works

The affiliate program is managed through Clickbank. That means all of the tracking and commissions are handled by Clickbank.

In order to receive your affiliate link, you’ll need to create a Clickbank account if you haven’t already.

Once you have, you can go to the Marketplace and do a search for “The Fast Tracks.” Click on the “Promote” button and you can copy your affiliate link.

You can set your commission payouts to be sent weekly or every two weeks. You can also set your payment threshold.

The commission rate is 50% with an average commission of $154. You would only need to make around 7 sales at the average commission rate to make $1,000 per month.

The #1 Method to Make Money Promoting The Fast Tracks

If you want to get started quickly with making affiliate commissions promoting The Fast Tracks, one of the best ways to do it is by using a sales funnel.

Unlike other methods of doing affiliate marketing, you only need to set this system up once and it will do all of the selling and converting for you.

It doesn’t require constant updates such as writing blog posts for a niche website.

The basic sales funnel is made up of two pages as pictured below:

two-page sales funnel

The Squeeze Page

It will consist of a squeeze page which is your main landing page. This page will consist of an opt-in form that collects visitor contact details such as a first name and email address.

You’ll also want to offer some type of free incentive in exchange for a visitor’s contact details. This free offer is referred to as a lead magnet.

A typical lead magnet can consist of a free ebook, video, audio file, discount code, etc. related to the product you are promoting.

In the case of The Fast Tracks, I would probably create a free ebook that talks about how to get free traffic to your website.

When someone comes across your free offer, they are highly likely to input their email address which leads them through the first part of your sales funnel.

The Thank You Page

After someone has submitted their contact details, they will be redirected to the second page of your sales funnel which is the thank you page, also called a bridge page.

On this page, you can thank your visitor for signing up for your email list. This page is also a great place to talk about the product you are promoting.

You can share the benefits of using the product and what your personal experience was. It is like a product review page that warms the visitor up to what they’ll go to next.

You’ll want to have a strong call to action on this page. A call-to-action is a link or a button that lets the visitor know where to go next.

The goal is to get the visitor to click over to the affiliate product sales page (The Fast Tracks sales page) using your affiliate link.

A call-to-action button or link will be your affiliate link. When visitors go through your sales funnel, a percentage of them will click on your call-to-action link (affiliate link) and buy the product.

That is how your sales funnel works for you to make affiliate commissions.

Your Email List

Not everyone who goes through your sales funnel will buy the product. That is where your email list comes into play.

Each person that signs up to your sales funnel is added to your email list. As long as they confirm their email address, you have their permission to send them emails anytime you want.

You can continue to send them helpful messages while still recommending the product you’re promoting.

An email list is equivalent to having your own customer base. When you have a large email list, you can rely less on free traffic sources like YouTube, Google, TikTok, etc.

Setting Up Your Sales Funnel

As a beginner, setting up a simple sales funnel is challenging. There are plenty of options out there to build a funnel using specialized software.

One of the more popular sales funnel software options is ClickFunnels. They make it easy to set up any type of funnel no matter how simple or complex you need it to be.

I do recommend following a good training course that teaches how to set up a sales funnel and make high-ticket affiliate commissions.

You can follow the same training I did by visiting this website. Following that training helped me to set up my own successful sales funnel.

Is The Fast Tracks Worth Promoting as an Affiilate?

In my opinion, this product is worth the time and effort of promoting. It has been selling successfully on Clickbank for quite a while now.

I have even made a few sales of my own promoting The Fast Tracks.

It teaches a legitimate online business model that anyone can have success with if they follow the training and put in consistent effort.

As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn a lucrative income on a monthly basis. Set up your own sales funnel and send targeted web traffic to it.

Summing Up

I hope that this post has provided you with better insight into what is possible when it comes to promoting a product like The Fast Tracks.

It is one of the few products on the Clickbank network that I feel is high quality. As an affiliate marketer, you always want to recommend products that offer high value.

My recommendation for promoting a product like this is to build a simple two-page sales funnel. This type of funnel can generate ongoing affiliate commissions for the long term.

Learn how I went from working a 40-hour per week job to making high-ticket affiliate commissions. Click here to learn how.


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