Make Sales with the Custom Keto Diet

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The Custom Keto Diet is one of the best-selling affiliate products on the Clickbank network under the Health & Fitness category.

Keto is an evergreen niche and as an affiliate, you have a great opportunity to earn steady commissions with the Custom Keto Diet.

How do I know? Hi! I’m Eartha and I’m a full-time affiliate marketer. I like finding worthwhile affiliate offers and writing about them.

Read until the end as I share one of the best ways to promote a product like this or any affiliate product of your choice.

  • Product Name: Custom Keto Diet
  • Product Price: $37
  • Commission: 75%
  • Average Commission: $57.43

Why this online business model is great for selling Clickbank products

What is the Custom Keto Diet?

The Custom Keto Diet creates a custom keto diet plan based on an individual’s food preferences, daily activity levels, height, weight, and target weight loss goals. Users receive meal plans, downloadable shopping lists, recipes, macronutrient information, and more.

When you land on the home page, you can go through the process of customizing your keto diet. You’ll have to input your email address to get the results.

If you want the full service, that is when you can pay for it which is $37. What is great about the Custom Keto Diet is that it solves the issue of figuring out what to eat and how to calculate macronutrients.

Besides offering custom meal plans, users also get:

  • Tailored meals that include calorie and macronutrient content
  • A wider variety of foods to eat within your nutrition plan
  • Meal plans based on your food preferences
  • Detailed recipes with step-by-step instructions
  • A weekly downloadable shopping list
  • Options for customizing every meal
  • Details on what to eat every day

Overall, it is a really convenient way for any keto beginner to learn how to eat the keto lifestyle.

The Custom Keto Diet Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is managed by the Clickbank affiliate network. Be sure to have a Clickbank account first so that you can copy your affiliate link for the product.

You earn a 75% commission rate and the average commission is $57 due to upsells. Clickbank will track all of your sales and refunds.

You can set your commission payouts to be paid once per week or every two weeks. Payments are made via direct deposit or by check.

Now that you know how much you can make per sale, what is one of the best ways to promote Custom Keto Diet?

I’ll explain more on that below.

One of the Best Ways to Make Money with the Custom Keto Diet

The best way to make money promoting a product like the Custom Keto Diet is to put a system into place that does the selling and converting for you.

One of the best online business models is to create an affiliate sales funnel. A simple affiliate sales funnel is made up of two pages.

The first page is called a squeeze page or opt-in page. The second page is called a bridge page or thank you page.

A simple funnel like this can generate income for you month after month with very little work. Your only job is to send targeted traffic to your funnel using free and/or paid strategies.

Here is how a simple two-page funnel works:

sales funnel flow chart

Only the first two pages in the flowchart are a part of your sales funnel. The third page is the affiliate product sales page.

The first page is the opt-in page or squeeze page. This page has a form on it that collects your visitor’s email address. You will need to offer a free incentive on this page in exchange for an email address.

It can be a free ebook, video, etc., related to the niche the affiliate product you’re promoting is in.

The second page is called the bridge page or thank you page. This is your opportunity to sell the visitor on the product you are promoting.

Write up a review about the product or post a video of yourself talking about the benefit of the product.

This is the way you warm up your visitors to the product. You’ll also have your affiliate link on this page in the form of a button or text.

Some of your visitors that end up on the bridge page will click over to the affiliate sales page using your affiliate link.

When they do, a percentage of your visitors will buy the product and you earn a commission.

That is the beauty of a sales funnel. It does all of the selling and converting for you 24 hours a day.

Building an Email List – Your Main Asset

Besides having visitors go through your sales funnel, they will also be added to your email database. All sales funnels should be connected to some type of email marketing software.

Your email list is your main asset. Why? When you have an email list, you have your own customer base.

You have your email subscriber’s permission to send them messages anytime you want. Therefore, you can continue sending affiliate offers to your list which can lead to additional sales.

How to Send Free Traffic to Your Sales Funnel

Traffic is usually the biggest stumbling block for new affiliate marketers. Where does it come from? How do you get it?

Without traffic, you cannot make sales, right? You can generate traffic using free methods and paid methods.

It would seem easy to pay for traffic. However, there is a risk to doing that when you are new. There is a learning curve.

If you are new to paid ads, you could end up spending a fortune without making one sale. That is why I recommend learning free traffic strategies first.

There are many ways to get free traffic. Here are some methods:

  • YouTube channel
  • TikTok
  • Blogging
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook groups

I suggest choosing one or two platforms and becoming good at them. For example, I have a YouTube channel and a TikTok account.

Both send me free traffic each time I create videos and post them. I place my sales funnel website link in my profile and direct viewers to click on it.

The key is to post fresh content often. I post a new YouTube video 2 – 3 times per week and try to post a new video on TikTok daily.

Earning Potential

A $37 commission is considered a low-ticket affiliate product. Don’t underestimate low commissions. Like any commission, they can add up in the span of a month.

In order to make $1,000 per month from this product, you’d need to make about 27 sales. This isn’t difficult if you’re sending a lot of traffic to your sales funnel.

Best of all, your sales funnel is building your email list as well. Your automated email messages will continue to do the selling for you.

Summing Up

Learning how to set up an affiliate sales funnel is not difficult if you have step-by-step instructions.

When I wanted to learn how to sell high-ticket affiliate products, I decided to find a good training program and found this one.

By applying what I learned in that training, I was able to earn a steady income online with sales funnels.

Here’s a screenshot of one of my previous commissions from one affiliate program:

affiliate commission

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Hi! My name is Eartha and I'm the author of this blog. I earn a steady income online promoting affiliate products. One of the ways I do this is by using a high-ticket sales funnel. Follow the same training I used to learn how to earn income using sales funnels. Click here to get started today!