Make Affiliate Sales with Forex 1000pip Builder

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The popularity of Forex isn’t going away anytime soon. As an affiliate marketer, you have plenty of opportunities for earning a lucrative income online by promoting Forex affiliate products such as 1000pip Builder.

1000pip Builder is a service created by Bob James that lets users follow the trades of a professional and skilled Forex trader. Bob is based out of the UK and trades the Asian, US, and European sessions. Users get step-by-step guidance and everything needed to follow the signals.

Earning commissions with a product like this is a matter of sending the right traffic to your affiliate campaign. In this post, I’ll share more about what 1000pip Builder does and how you can launch your affiliate campaign to start earning commissions promoting it.

Product Website:
Commission:50% recurring
Average Commission:$194.58

Why this is the #1 online business model for affiliate marketers

What is Forex Signals 1000pip Builder?

This product is managed by the Clickbank affiliate network. It is in the Forex niche. You will need to establish a Clickbank account if you haven’t already.

Once you do, you’ll have access to your affiliate link. You can search for 1000pip Builder under the Marketplace section of Clickbank.

Click on the “Promote” button and you can copy and paste your affiliate link.

The service enables anyone to follow the trades and guidance of a professional Forex trader out of the UK named Bob James.

Users get step-by-step guidance and detailed instructions on how to follow the Forex signals.

Whenever a trade is entered into 1000pip Builder, users will receive an email and text message with all the key details; entry price, stop loss and take profit, etc.

How the 1000pip Builder Affiliate Program Works

As far as the affiliate program goes, as an affiliate, you get to earn 50% recurring commissions on a $97 per month recurring subscription.

Clickbank offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of its products. The 1000pip Builder affiliate program page offers some helpful assets for its affiliates to include:

  • email swipes
  • banner ads

Depending on your Clickbank settings, you can receive your commission payouts once per week or every two weeks.

What is also great about this product is that it has an average commission of $194. That means there are upsells that you can earn from.

That average commission plus a 50% recurring makes this a lucrative affiliate program to be a part of.

How to Make Commissions with Forex Signals

Now that you have a better idea of what 1000pip Builder is all about and how much commissions you can earn, let’s talk about how to promote it.

Affiliate marketing offers a number of ways to promote an affiliate product. However, one of the best and most effective strategies is to create a sales funnel.

There are so many awesome benefits to a sales funnel. It is a great strategy for those that do not want to use a blog for affiliate marketing.

Another plus is that a sales funnel is an automated way to make affiliate sales. It does all of the selling and converting for you.

Launch Your Sales Funnel Easily

A sales funnel can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. In most cases, you will only ever need a two-page sales funnel.

This funnel is made up of a landing page also referred to as an opt-in page or squeeze page and a thank-you page also called a bridge page.

The flow of it looks like this:

sales funnel flow chart

The Opt-in Page or Squeeze Page

This is the main page of your sales funnel. On this page, you’ll want to offer some type of free incentive such as a free ebook, video, audio file, etc.

When web visitors take you up on this free offer, they will input their contact details such as a first name and email address.

As each new visitor inputs their contact details, they are added to your email list. Not everyone that goes through your sales funnel will buy the product you are promoting.

However, you will have their permission to email them anytime you want to market the same product and other affiliate products in the future.

The Bridge Page or Thank You Page

The bridge page is literally a bridge between the opt-in page and the affiliate sales page. On this page, you can (and likely should) have a video of yourself explaining what the product is and how it has helped you.

If you prefer not to create a video, you can have the page be all text and describe what the product is and its benefits. In essence, the bridge page is similar to a review page.

You’ll also want a strong call-to-action on this page such as a button letting your visitors know that they can click it and head over to the sales page.

A percentage of your web visitors that make it to this part of your funnel will get to the affiliate sales page and buy the product which leads to a commission for you.

Getting Free Traffic to Your Funnel

No sales funnel is complete without traffic. If you do not have web traffic, your funnel cannot do its job of making sales.

You can use both free and paid traffic. I recommend learning how to generate free traffic first. This is helpful for beginners who may not have much of a budget to run paid ads.

Besides that, once you learn how to generate free traffic, you can promote any affiliate product that you want.

Some of my favorite free traffic sources include:

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Blogs

If you are hesitant about doing videos, don’t worry. You can also do faceless videos and send free traffic to your sales funnel.

Blogs are often underestimated for the traffic that they can produce due to the time investment needed to grow a blog.

However, it is well worth the time and effort for long-term targeted web traffic.

Automated Selling of Your Affiliate Product

The best part of a sales funnel is that it does all of the selling for you. Your only job is to drive targeted traffic to it.

Online marketers have been using sales funnels successfully for years. Even better is that you can set up a sales funnel for every affiliate offer that you want.

Launching your first sales funnel can be a bit daunting as there is a small learning curve. I dabbled with sales funnels in my own online business.

It wasn’t until I learned about high-ticket sales that I looked into sales funnels even more. I came across this online training program and learned more about high-ticket sales.

Following that training helped me to create a sales funnel that leads to high-ticket affiliate commissions.

Summing Up

If you are interested in the Forex niche, it is more than possible to begin earning some serious affiliate commissions.

It is a matter of choosing a lucrative affiliate offer such as 1000pip Builder and then creating a system to sell the product for you.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating a sales funnel.

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